Annals of the Tuath de Dana

The great ship of the Gael sailed swift through the tightening grip of star light. The Tuatha de Dana all slept. Then ship master Bailey alone was awakened, he sensed the fearful threat. The great tuath ship rushed above the clouds, toward the shores of the new country, Tir na Nua.

I Love a Good Lost City

It is part of my nature or nurture that I am a sucker for a lost city story. I believe that man has achieved heights that current thought would say is impossible. Anyway, it seems there are all sorts of ancient, gold laden, cave cities doting the Southwest and in particular Death Valley.


There are many peoples, lands, and sites to see, but in the middle of it all is a blue pool on an ice topped purple mountain above a green isle in the misty inner sea. It is the quiet center of the whole world, a place of peace and solitude.

the Nubians

This is why we kill our enemies. This is why we do not sell our brothers and sisters to our neighbors. This is why we do not take slaves or buy slaves or trade with any who do. For one man to own another is abhorant to us. We live apart and do not mix our blood with others. We remember the years of our enslavement and it will never happen again.