Why I’m Starting to Think Global Warming Is Just Hot Air

The Portland City Council and Multnomah County have launched their locality into a brave, if foolish, new world. Gathering stake-holders (not sure where you get the stakes) they hammered out a bold new plan to reduce green-house gas emissions by a startling 80% from their 1990s levels, in effect bringing our energy use back to the 1870s. Idiotic or visionary ahead of their time?

The Abbot and the Djinn Chp1.1

The world was a wet, full-throated, howl.  The hermit was at prayer in a stacked stone oratory that did well to stand against nature’s onslaught.  The hermit failed utterly to maintain his concentration on the offices.  Not that he could have heard his own voice above the wind and the rain, but his mind was roiling with […]

Deer Riders Ending part 1

“What does any of this have to do with the Deer Riders?” asked the youngest clearly growing impatient even with his grandfather’s plunge into darkness. “Oh that’s fine. Don’t you care what happened to me?” The eldest coughed, “well grandfather, it seems you survived.” “Well enough, but let me ask you.  What does this tent […]