Dear Reader, Nothing stays the same.  That is true of my work situation as much as it is true of life in general.  I’m really talking about specifics though.  I am not going to have the leisure of long break periods with access to the Internet with which to further my writing on these pages. […]

Deer Riders Ending part 3

She was asleep on the ground.  Around her were arrayed bags and travois, bales of hide and smaller lumps, like a play fort you might make.  At first it seemed she slept there alone.  I only had eyes for my friend.  I knew her face, but there was something quite different about it, longer and […]

Tonight on Coast

Because I am no sure arbiter of truth I have to say too, I have been reminded that the unpardonable sin was not misbelief alone, but rather ascribing to Satan the works of the Holy Spirit. A more familiar bromide is “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Words to live by without abdicating all responsibility to “Test the spirits so you may discern which are from God.”