Anuniaq and the Storm Tossed Sea

When Anuniaq was only just become a man and had not yet taken a wife from among his people, his mother, Nauja said to his father, Chulyin, “Why will my son not take a wife?  Husband, speak to Anuniaq, else our family will end with him and we will have no daughter-in-law to care for us […]

The Abbott and the Djinn Chp 1.2

                                          *     *     * Smoke struggled against the weight upon him as he had the weight of the heavy sea.  But this was not the sea, it held him against hard rock unlike the wash of the sea that he had been unable to press against, then too, he was warm.  He ached all over […]

Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sam

Bernie Madoff, a former NASDAQ Chairman, has admitted to running the Ponzi scheme that some believe to be the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history.  Uncle Bernie, who people entrusted all their retirement money to, provided massive profits to a few, but as always happens with a Ponzi scheme, past pay-outs are simply bait to draw in […]