Child of Moss part 5

Oatey was faster than she looked.  She fairly flew down the ridge and repeated the same attack that had killed the first goat.  For some time there was no chance for questions.  Lugh kept with the girl and the charging goat and not much more. “The problem as he saw it,” Lugh mused, “was too […]

Child of Moss part 4

The goat was dead, but Oatey dragged it along after her.  Lugh nearly laughed at the comic look of the small woman straining to pull the dead weight of it along.  Nearly, but then he remembered how she had caused the wound that caused its death, how quickly and how offhandedly. She turned, sweat and dust […]

Ui Uilsen Back at Winter-Hold

. . . The old skald, Barnen, was no friend, but Hunter couldn’t grudge the man his spot by the fire.  It had been a hard Winter, only recently did its icy grip show signs of loosening, and the days nearing Imbolc already.  Hunter had sung when asked despite the venomous glances of the wizened […]

Ui Uilsen HW Hunting the Wild

*   *   * Hunter Wilde huddled by his fire in the drafty hovel he shared with the meat he’d brought down.  The lord of Winterhold, Murchadh, had enjoyed his singing and playing, been amused by his stories, but in the end he was a most practical man.  More than mirth he needed meat. So, instead […]

Child of Moss part 3

Lugh ran after, hampered by the shaking ground.  He glanced back over his shoulder to see what was happening and nearly fell.  He saw ground cascading off of what looked like stone pushing up from the earth.  The girl, Oatey, had reached her goat.  He hadn’t seen she was armed, but she took from the […]

Ui Uilsen Excerpts

Hunter Wilde was in trouble.  He was young and strong, he had travelled far and wide, but he’d hit a run of bad luck and it was looking like his travelling might be at an end.  He’d lost his horse and now his mule.  The solid little community he had hoped to Winter in was naught […]

Abbott and the Djinn chp. 5.1

Smoke was pleasantly surprised by the fare.  The monk’s table was bountiful it seemed the brotherhood was much more generous with its guests than it was with its brethren.  Gospels ate too, but Smoke noted his restraint despite having learned that he had been fasting while they were on the rock.  These men thought nothing of […]