Niall Noigiallach

Little enough of what I’ve been able to assemble on these pages so far has any basis in the reality of Earth.  I have bent my will and my efforts toward Tir na Nua.  That is not to say that there are no mythic figures worth looking into.  In Ireland the line between myth and […]

Child of Moss part 6

It was a boisterous procession that left the killing ground triumphant.  Lugh shadowed Oatey from a distance.  He did not want to intrude and wasn’t sure he would be welcomed, she was in her glory.  She was the hero of the hour, her Norfolk brothers and sisters whisked her away to feasting and consultations with […]

Abbott and the Djinn Chp 5.2

“You’re into town early, brother.” The fellow lounged just inside the gate of a paddock, apparently associated with the nearby rhamshackled inn.  “What brings you to Bellhaven so early?”  Iamerge stopped and looked at the fellow.  “Well, I’m looking for somebody.  A business matter. . .” “Business?  Well, then you’ve met your man.  Why, I’m the […]