A Funny Thing Happened

I’ve been doing this “BLOG” for over a year now.  Last Friday, as I saved after making a couple of changes to a recent post, my entire corpus disappeared.  That’s right, all 90 plus posts ceased to be.  I have to say that I wasn’t overly concerned at first.  I thought that Word Press might just […]

Child of Moss pre 1

A few things, my readers:  First, though it comes late, I think this bit about how Lugh came to be beneath that tree comes before.  I feel that you need to know a bit more about Lugh as he is your point of view and this story reveals the child of Moss, Oatey.  Second, I […]

Abbott and the Djinn, chptr. 5.7

Iamerge blinked, dazzled by the brightness of the day as he walked out of the inn.  He cursed himself for a fool, looking at where he’d nearly been run down in the street and Jim Cooper had hauled him out of danger.  Were his street skills so impossibly rusted as all that?  If the self-styled Mayor of Rat Town had […]