Abbott and the Djinn chp. 6.2

A shadow passed close and Iamerge woke disoriented and a bit confused.  “Iamerge?” a voice said.  Iamerge opened his eyes and was blinded by the sun, lower now and shining directly in his eyes. Blinking, he threw his arm over his eyes, “yes, I’m here.” Seeing Iamerge’s discomfort, Gospels moved to his side, “I didn’t […]

Child of Moss pre 2

Cooled, shaded and blessedly free of his cloud of midges, Lugh rose from the water of the little lake, refreshed.  The mud felt good between his toes as he climbed up the bank, but it wouldn’t do to shove slimy feet in his good new boots.  There was a large low stone that gave him a […]

Abbott and the Djinn 5.8

“What would a man of the Christian God need with such a knife? That blade is not for cutting potatoes or buttering bread, its for cutting men.” The woman who spoke chuckled derisively before adding, “Or maybe its true what they say, that all you brothers are gelded. Still, if that is the case, there are better blades than that one for such purposes. Has your gelding blade gone dull monk?”