“Fight turtle!” He swung and swung. “See? He won’t fight, he can’t fight, he is a woman’s son and no man at all.” Paladins around them were sparing an eye for the brawl, or an ear, some had stopped their training altogether to watch. Laudbrue’s attacks became ever more unbalanced, reckless, and erratic, but Buuluchk was tiring, both of the attack and the insults. “Honored son? HAH! son of a whore.”

Big Picture Background

I have needed to establish a timeline of the events in the socio-political development of Tir Na Nua.  I continue to do research to aid me in creating a world that is both interesting and informative.  By interesting I probably mean entertaining and enjoyable.  By informative I mean that it should seem realistic, internally consistent, in the world […]

Abbott and the Djinn chp. 6.3

“What is it Abbo… err, brother Gospels.” said the young brother.  Iamerge noticed it was Hebrews as he gave Iamerge a shy smile and nod. “Iamerge believes there has been another trade caravan attacked.” said Gospels.  “It has been some time since the rescue party or perhaps relief has gone out.  There may be dead and […]

Child of Moss, part 10

What she was, Lugh thought, was socially awkward.  She was precocious in her understanding of giants and in mobilizing her folk to fight them.  She was sweet and, it seemed at times, flirtatious by turns with him.  She knew him, knew of his extremely long life, understood to some extent what that meant, could hold her […]