Child of Moss part 12 (14)

She regarded him stoically as she began to leave and he happened to block her path in the cluttered room, “There is another giant, it is arranged.” She said as she pushed past him and walked out into the hall. He followed her and had to hurry not to loose her in the labyrinth of the sidhe.

Child of Moss part 11 (13)

“I don’t care what they think,” Oatey said defiantely, she looked him in the eye, “They care nothing for me anyhow. I only mention it so that you know what they may say of you, what they already think of me.”

Lugh couldn’t suppress the laugh that burst out, but he hurried to apologize when he saw Oatey look so hurt, “No no no, It isn’t you sweet. It is just that my reputation is far worse than yours could possibly be, and I’ve earned mine.”

Abbott and the Djinn chp. 7.1

“Thanks brother,” said what was left of the man, “that Gospels, he told me about his Lord, and about. . .” the man was weeping and as Iamerge knelt, coming near, a hand came from the mass of bandages and clung to him, “. . . he told me about forgiveness in his Jesus. Can it be true?”

Iamerge gaped, fumbling for what he might say to comfort the man, “I’ve never heard Gospels tell anything but the truth.”

“That’s what I thought,” said the better part of a man. Iamerge patted the mans hand and sat silently. The man sobbed, “I’ve made a mess of things, I prayed with him, that Gospels, but he can’t know what I done– so I was just askin’.”

What Has Been Lost

The debt we are loading on future generations IS immoral, not only in the most absolute sense of what God thinks (see number eight) of stealing someone else’s money, but also in the social contract sense of having a document and a set of values laid out in a Constitution that we are violating at the expense of children without franchise. They have no vote, but they will pay this debt or they will be buried by it.