Red Hand of Niall

From Clanaboy, to Hebridean, to Portuguese O’Neill to Northern Ireland Rugby baller, all display the Red Hand.  Be it dexter or sinister all  of these of the red hand seem to hail back to one person, Niall Noigiallach.  Perhaps there is cause.  Perhaps this is the cause: Niall sat at the head table as befits […]

Kitsuniko Awakes

It was a day like many many others.  Her world was a room.  Two paces, cool stone, three paces, rough wood, a door, and in that a smaller door, a tiny one, a food door. Kitsuniko would have despaired, but it was her world and she could remember nothing else.  There was a dim light […]

The Games of Macha

The little smith tugged at his beard, “No, it is true, you are no smith, but what you are is difficult to say as well.” Again CuRuada began to feel uncomfortable under the smith’s intense gaze. The dark man spoke as if his words were a magic incantation, “I saw you at hurley and the fine work you did with the spear. No smith surely, but no common warrior either are you. You wear a broch made for a king, a prince you must be. Or a god.” Cu blushed, the dark man smiled.

Why Is Steve Writing Fiction?

  Because he has this outlet to do it What drives me to write?  Read about the Author, L. Stephen O’Neill, HERE.  Get an idea of where I’m going with some of this stuff on my Stories Page.  I’m writing a novel called The Abbott and the Djinn, you can read the first draft as I […]