Child of Moss (.6)

Lugh strode through the dark, night-time, interior of the hill fort.  He’d been to this place many times before, most recently he had been to court Gormflaith, the widowed queen.  Court was probably not quite the word for what they’d been doing, and Lugh was used to disapproving eyes when he went about his business […]

Child of Moss preginning (.5)

Lugh wheeled through the night, standing, legs spread, in his chariot, reins wrapped around his forearms and clinched tightly in his fists.  It was not safe for his horses, nor safe for himself in truth, but he was in need, mortally so. So he thundered along the track, wheels slipping in and out of the ruts, and […]

Child of Moss 20 (22)

Lugh fired another shot, this time at a figure toward the middle of the pack of creatures, hunched, but standing upright.  They were bestial in aspect, but they carried weapons like a hunter-gatherer might own where stone and bone and sinew were far more available than metal. Lugh glided, firing as he went, but there […]

Child of Moss 19 (21)

Lugh had not slept, but he felt refreshed after his night under the stars. I wonder if Oatie will be there when I get back.  I wonder if she’s stolen what I have of value and gone?  Lugh wasn’t very concerned about that possibility.  There’s no way she could carry it all, besides I could […]

Two More Things

A few visitors may have been disappointed that my site had disappeared. Sorry about that. I needed to renew my domain, and now that I have, I’m back. Also, I’m back in another way. I want to write. In my previous post I mentioned my plan to focus on one story. And now, I’m going […]

Frustration, Failure… …Future

I’m not a young man.  Time passes ever faster and faster and there is no halting it, nor hope of slowing it down.  If you follow, or followed, you may have noticed that it has been too long since I last posted.  I’ve had a schedule change that has further restricted my “writing” time, and […]