Child of Moss (.7)

Gormflaith swept into the room like a pale, red-headed, storm-cloud.  As she entered she was already challenging, “Why have you come Fionn?” “Why would I not?” He asked innocently, by the look on her face it seemed not the thing to say. “Where have you come from Fionn?” Her lip curled with distaste. “From that […]

Child of Moss 23 (27)

Lugh gaped, she’s alive! “Lugh!  What are you doing?  You scared me to death!” moaned Oatey holding her head, but very much alive. “You’re alive!”  Oatie growled, “You’re talking too loud.” Oatie carefully prodded the growing bruise that threatened to engulf her left eye.  “Ohhhh, my head hurts.”  Oatie closed her eyes for a moment […]

Child of Moss 22 (26)

She was very still and very white, where Oatey wasn’t drenched in blood.  There was bruising over her eye, purple and angry.  Her face, otherwise, was a blank, it would have seemed peaceful save that she lay amidst so much slaughter.  And it still looked like she’d been moved. Lugh’s eyes flicked over the undergrowth […]

Child of Moss 21 (25)

The rough looking creature tried to lift its crude stone axe to block Lugh’s onslaught, but he was not nearly quick enough to prevent the thrust that tore through his throat and severed his spine.  The axe slipped from nerveless fingers and Lugh and the dead body fell heavily together.  Lugh shoved himself up, revolted […]