Into the Dark, BII p2

Oatey stepped on to the stairway that followed the curve of the hearth descending into the dark.  She glanced back, and seeing that Lugh followed, continued down into the ground beneath the level of the hearth.  The great disk of the stone base of the hearth rose above them on their left.  Oatey stopped on […]

Stellar examples for Tir na Nua

The Stars Around Tir na Nua My personal literary taste has always hovered around the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.  I enjoy finding myself transported to a world that is clearly not 21st century Earth, and yet is believable despite its fictional genesis in the mind of an author.  So, when I come to the […]

Child of Moss preginning .86

Lugh woke as he felt rough hands grab him and drag him up and away, his legs banged painfully against hard unseen things in the dark.  Far worse was the pain in his head, blinding brightness of excrutiating agony that burst before his eyes while all else was as dark as night.  It seemed his […]

Child of Moss, .85

Lugh fumbled in the pouch on his belt in the small of his back and succeeded in not being trampled by nervous horses, the fence post that he leaned against both protected him from hooves and, he hoped, the prying eye of Gol MacMorna.  His fingers found and drew out the packets of powders and […]