A Funny Thing Happened

I’ve been doing this “BLOG” for over a year now.  Last Friday, as I saved after making a couple of changes to a recent post, my entire corpus disappeared.  That’s right, all 90 plus posts ceased to be. 

I have to say that I wasn’t overly concerned at first.  I thought that Word Press might just have gone down and when the server returned from maintenance or whatever all would be well.  That did not occur.  My concern/disquiet/fear rose a bit.  I was confronted with the possibility that everything that I’d written would be lost and I started to scramble to see if I had copies of some of the articles.  The answer was mostly no.

I have to confess to other emotions too.  One that might surprise you was a certain amount of relief.  Really Steve?  Relief?  Yes, because I have to say that some of this stuff is just not up to what I hope I can do. 

But there is SO much work to do.  Work on the writing, work on the layout, work on myself.  The last is incredibly daunting.  And really, what is the point?  I haven’t exactly caught on.  I think I know why that is too.  I’m not that good.

Still, if not particularly good, I am writing.  Though I’ve not captured an enormous following that just means that fewer people know what a horrible speller and grammarian I am.  Then too, having had few visitors and fewer commenters guarantees that there are a vast host of people who have not come across my scratchings, evaluated me, and then discarded my work as not worth the time it takes to read.

It was freeing to think I might have to start again.

OH!  There it all is.  Thanks Jeff

Well, everything is back.  I’ve lost nothing.  But I have realized impermanence.  I’ve experienced it.  I am curious to see how it affects me. 


PS. I did take the time today to go though and make a personal copy of all that has gone before.  I am still thinking about what starting over would have meant and what it might mean.