Abbott and the Djinn Chp. 9.2

Iamerge heard greetings and apologies as Corinthians entered the refectory.  In any case, the discussions were no-longer going on and Iamerge felt foolish listening at the door with naught to hear.  Iamerge glanced around nervously, this is madness, he thought and followed old Corinthians into the refectory.

Gospels was already leaping to assist the older monk as he began to gather food and the pain mendicants.  Iamerge noticed that the new abbot was concentrating his attention on Rhaury UiBirlinn, and then, with a start, he noticed that Rhaury was watching him.  Their eyes locked for a moment, UiBirlinn’s face was a mask of cautious appraisal.  Iamerge turned to offer his help to Corinthians.  He glanced over at Gospels, but there was nothing he could read from that man, only earnestness on top of helpfulness, which covered much more below the surface, but that was deep water that Gospels kept to himself behind his dauntless smile.

Before he quite knew what was happening Iamerge was loaded with teapots, salve jars, and bread baskets.  Burdened he found himself following Gospels out the door with Corinthians in tow.  Rhaury and the Abbot had their heads together again, talking intensely, but in tones too low to hear.  There goes my best chance to talk to Rhaury about my investment, Iamerge thought.  Worse yet, he began to suffer a sinking feeling that perhaps his investment, and his arrangement to retrieve it with Roderick UiBirlinn, had been long forgotten by the man’s son.

It was all Iamerge could do to pour soup and pass the monks mendicants and bandages.  His heart was not in it. Corinthians took a hand in the feeding and nursing, and Gospels was his usual bustle of kindness and efficient service.  It was easy to step aside and let those who cared to serve do so.  It was not long before Iamerge, disappointed by another missed chance to speak to UiBirlinn, slipped out the door to sulk.