“Ah, the good old days.” I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw and perhaps thought the speaker a bit behind the times. Progress right? The dominant view promulgated in every possible way is that things are progressing, evolving, and we know more and better now than we ever did and will know still more in the future. It is almost irksome when old fogies hark back wistfully to those “good old days” because it is just that sort of attitude that delays the next marvelous achievement, the next leap forward.

It is a bias and perhaps unfounded. Though our material society has made material progress (: walking, riding, flying, flying faster, flying higher) I think there is a belief that the progression has been smooth from stone tools to supersonic jets. We think that we sit at-top the pinnacle of the pyramid of progress and do not see the fallen edifices of cultures past.

You see, I do not pick the pyramid as an illustration of progress for no reason. Have you considered how long the pyramids that still exist all over the world have been in place? Do you know their purpose? Did you realize that some of the wonders that molder in forgotten corners are on a scale that we can not yet replicate?

But we sit upon our own pyramid of progress and do not see the hills around us for what they were. What the rounded mountains in the distance may have been.

As we rush forward, building our society on technology that we can not individually replicate, how long do you think it would take for our society to crumble and leave only bare stone bones, or in our case concrete and asphalt? What would remain that our flint napping progeny could hark back to?

It is something to ponder when you wake from difficult dreams in the night.