As in the Days of Noah

I’ve mentioned that I really like to listen to Coast to Coast A.M.with George Noory or Ian Punit for that matter. What else is there to do in the middle of the night? Tonight was another block-buster show. Coming on the heals of the Vaccination show that is something.

I blogged about it in my Stuck with It post.

The guest tonight was Steve Quayle. Steve has ideas that run the gamit from ancient history to current events like the apparent push to murder a significant portion of the population with bio-weapons. He has been researching this sort of thing for over 30 years. Whereas it may have been easy to write him off as a loon in the past, it seems to be getting harder every day. A lot of what Steve says seems to come from a Biblical base which gives him extra points with me.

A big part of the show was information about giants that have been seen around the world. Apparently this is something that Steve has been tracking for some time. The Bible talks about giants, notably Goliath, but others of which Goliath was only like the giants of old, the Nephilim. I’m sure I’m butchering a lot of this. I need to read a bit from Steve, but it was very interesting.

Say what you will about the Bible, people do. But it has been a best seller for a long long time. On matters of history and prophecy, though doubted and mocked and endlessly ridiculed, again and again it turns out to be authoritative and more, absolutely correct.

It is interesting, listening to Coast to Coast and hearing observations that come from all sorts of belief systems, because so much of what is presented seems to be coming to a culmination. Whether it is Steve Quayle or Mayan long count calendar or alien abduction or Linda Moulten Howe’s reports it seems that the poop is definitely about to impact the propeller.

Keep your powder dry…   … oh yes, Steve also mentioned that he observed as his home was GPS’d as were all the other hunters in his neighborhood, but nobody else. THEY are coming for your guns.