From Where Do Our Stories Come?

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile, I’m still imagining what you might like to hear.  I was spending much time poking around the theories about the origins of the Celts.  There is much to say about what little there is of the Celtic world existent in written word. This might seem somewhat […]

Looking Back at the Celts

There are a lot of people who are interested in the Celts and all things Celtic. I certainly count myself as one of those. Some others especially those among the academics find the idea of a Celtic people as ridiculous or probably more to the point they think of people who believe that there is […]


“Ah, the good old days.” I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw and perhaps thought the speaker a bit behind the times. Progress right? The dominant view promulgated in every possible way is that things are progressing, evolving, and we know more and better now than we ever did and will know still more in […]