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I don’t know how you’ve come here, but I’m very glad you have.  “What in the world is going on?” you might ask.  Well, hopefully this page can explain some of the what, but as to “the world,” most of what you will find here is about a different world than our own.  I’m talking about Tir na Nua.  I’m writing stories, doing research, and developing ideas leading to stories primarily set in this new land.

This has been an underused page.  I intended it for navigation so, even if it doesn’t provide that function yet, it appears in a position where it will, when I’ve effected proper changes.  What I’ve gathered here is extensive and not well organized.  I write fiction here and so each post appears in the opposite order that it should for ease of reading.

Is this a blog?  Perhaps, but I think it needs another name because I don’t feel like I’m blogging at all.  I think of this as more of an internet based note-pad for research and drafts that lead to fiction.  As such, perhaps this is a blit, or a bfic, or something else.

Whatever else it may be (notepads randomly piled in a box might be an apt analog) it is disorganized and difficult to navigate.  For this I apologize and offer what guidance I can:

Current Primary Story Lines is a page that lays out some, but not all, of the things I’m working on.  It needs updating, but it does provide a starting point to access several stories in the order that they should be read instead of the order the posts that compose the stories were written.

Child of Moss Novel Progress is your direct connection to the novel I decided I would focus on to the detriment of other story lines.  I resolution was not entirely successful, but here is where that stands.

On the way there, to fiction, or weblit, or bfic, I’m going to be digging through fact and fiction, myth and legend, and some of it should be of interest if you’ve made it this far.  So, welcome here and I hope you enjoy exploring.

So far, these are the topics I have begun:


The Celts


The Author (if I may be so bold)

Current Events

This blog/weblit/bfic has progressed quite a bit since last I updated this page, so I see I need to do a bit more with this.  But imagine yourself a hunter and this a trail to be followed to what you want.  No guarantees, it’s a hunt.