Abbott and the Djinn Chp. 9.2

Iamerge heard greetings and apologies as Corinthians entered the refectory.  In any case, the discussions were no-longer going on and Iamerge felt foolish listening at the door with naught to hear.  Iamerge glanced around nervously, this is madness, he thought and followed old Corinthians into the refectory. Gospels was already leaping to assist the older […]

Abbot and the Djinn, Chp. 9.1

Iamerge stepped out into the day and closed the guesthouse door behind him.  He was more than a little disappointed that Rhuary UiBirlinn was nowhere to be seen.  Another opportunity squandered, he thought. Nothing to be done about it.  I’ve things to do anyway.  Iamerge headed for the refectory.  The wounded men were waking, and […]

Abbot and the Djinn chp. 8.6

Iamerge could not imagine what to do.  His friend, normally a tower of emotional strength, was devastated and though he could think of nothing to do he was there, witnessing the break-down.  Finally, reflexively, Iamerge reached out and patted the man on his shoulder where he lay.  Conal seized him with his one good hand […]

Abbot and the Djinn chp 8.3

Conal collapsed back onto his pallet and moaned, “How can I see her like this?  I’ve nothing left, she deserves much better.” “I can tell her that you can’t see her yet, but you know Niamh, she will be out to see for herself sooner than later and that’s nothing I can stop.  She will.” […]

Abbott and the Djinn chp. 8.2

The rider’s horse was fine and his posture was ramrod straight.  As he approached, Iamerge recognized Rhaury Ui Birlinn.  He looked as if he’d had plenty of sleep and eaten well too, but perhaps that was Iamerge’s bitterness whispering in his ear.  “Where are your brothers?” called down Rhaury from on high.  Iamerge felt the […]