Into the Dark, BII p3

The stairway was narrow and Lugh was concerned that he might strike his head on the low ceiling it at any moment.  The flame from the torch kissed the stone above causing black tendrils to linger against the ceiling.  There was no worry that he would lose his way however for the passage was as narrowly confining […]

Into the Dark, BII p2

Oatey stepped on to the stairway that followed the curve of the hearth descending into the dark.  She glanced back, and seeing that Lugh followed, continued down into the ground beneath the level of the hearth.  The great disk of the stone base of the hearth rose above them on their left.  Oatey stopped on […]

Child of Moss preginning .86

Lugh woke as he felt rough hands grab him and drag him up and away, his legs banged painfully against hard unseen things in the dark.  Far worse was the pain in his head, blinding brightness of excrutiating agony that burst before his eyes while all else was as dark as night.  It seemed his […]

Child of Moss, .85

Lugh fumbled in the pouch on his belt in the small of his back and succeeded in not being trampled by nervous horses, the fence post that he leaned against both protected him from hooves and, he hoped, the prying eye of Gol MacMorna.  His fingers found and drew out the packets of powders and […]

Child of Moss (.84)

Lugh paused in the shadows of the building nearest the stables.  His heart sank as he scanned the long low stable building, luck was not with him, at least not as he’d hoped.  His chariot stood empty, parked along the front of the stables and his horses were nowhere to be seen.  Half my golden torque paid to […]

Child of Moss (.83)

Lugh glanced back behind him as he gained the cover of the servant’s quarters.  Good, nobody should have seen me cross, he thought. Likely word would go out at some point, and his hair was likely to give him away as much as anything in the dark. The ornate broach that held his brat at […]

Child of Moss, .82

Lugh took a moment to orient himself.  The gate he’d entered was on the far side of the roof peak, the greathall and its hill was that way but a little bit on his right hand.  That was the way most of the warriors, at this time, would come if the alarm were raised. Behind […]

Child of Moss (Book II p1)

This section is the idea that begins the second part of the book where Oatie and Lugh seek to gather forces to oppose the league of giants.  This secret place is special to Oatie, where she learned her giant killer trade, where she lost her father, and where she hopes to find the clues to […]

Child of Moss (.8)

Lugh slipped up through the bars, twisting and inching his way on top of the iron grid, until he was completely free of the confinement.  No sooner had he gained the top when the door burst open, and as he watched three of the Maines burst into the room, swords drawn.  Slowly, with extreme care, […]

Child of Moss (.7)

Gormflaith swept into the room like a pale, red-headed, storm-cloud.  As she entered she was already challenging, “Why have you come Fionn?” “Why would I not?” He asked innocently, by the look on her face it seemed not the thing to say. “Where have you come from Fionn?” Her lip curled with distaste. “From that […]