Dream-Walker and the Giant

“Bres my boy, let’s give the Bass of Knowledge a little more time to listen to the wind and to the land and to the giants dreams. Let’s you and I have a walk and a stretch and I’ll tell you about the Dagda.” They pulled in their lines and set them aside, then hand in hand they walked up the hill that held the little pond in its embrace.

Deer Riders Ending part 3

She was asleep on the ground.  Around her were arrayed bags and travois, bales of hide and smaller lumps, like a play fort you might make.  At first it seemed she slept there alone.  I only had eyes for my friend.  I knew her face, but there was something quite different about it, longer and […]

Deer Riders Ending part 1

“What does any of this have to do with the Deer Riders?” asked the youngest clearly growing impatient even with his grandfather’s plunge into darkness. “Oh that’s fine. Don’t you care what happened to me?” The eldest coughed, “well grandfather, it seems you survived.” “Well enough, but let me ask you.  What does this tent […]

Deer Riders Continued

This continues a story titled:  The Deer Riders “The first time I watched outside myself I put down to a dream, but it was not the last time. Always I saw true, so I think now these are no dreams, but true seeing though it be without eyes.” The boys looked solumnly attentive, this was […]