As Ordered

As Ordered “It is not for you, sir, to say what his grace may do.” said the little courtier voiced soft enough that words died out before the tapestried walls. He was small, slim as well as short, dark eyed and swarthy, “Silence, obedience, humility, loyalty, respect, these befit you better.” “By what right will […]

Having Family for Dinner

Here is a poem I wrote for a contest on  It was a rather grand team competition named for “The Game of Thrones.”  I’m mad about GoT.  But I’m a couple of years behind the HBO series currently.  Anyhow.  In the spirit of House Targaryen and their words, Fire and Blood, I wrote this […]

A Tale of Two Knights 1.0

Here then is another Writing dot Com contest story.  All my little stories tend toward a greater length than I intend.  This one ended, cut too much for my liking, so here, on my own pages, I can make of it what I want. This story postulates a world where people live in castles and strive to […]

Aivi and Ro

This is a project that doesn’t begin and end with my writing fiction.  I plan to involve my daughter and perhaps my son in writing these stories.  Perhaps I’ll be able to learn to appeal to a different audience through this process.  I haven’t intended to write children’s stories even if some of my writing has come off childish.  Now, […]

Sir Gawain and the Ghost Knight

Sir Gawain and the Ghost Knight The King is in his Hall.  There is the scent of applewood and venison roasting.  Arthur’s knights are at table, the Round Table of Camelot.  Bards tell tales accompanied by minstrels.  Well received are the jokesters telling tales that make merry, bring laughter and jeers, gafaws and then cheers. […]