Stellar examples for Tir na Nua

The Stars Around Tir na Nua My personal literary taste has always hovered around the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.  I enjoy finding myself transported to a world that is clearly not 21st century Earth, and yet is believable despite its fictional genesis in the mind of an author.  So, when I come to the […]

Kitsuniko Awakes

It was a day like many many others.  Her world was a room.  Two paces, cool stone, three paces, rough wood, a door, and in that a smaller door, a tiny one, a food door. Kitsuniko would have despaired, but it was her world and she could remember nothing else.  There was a dim light […]

The Abbott and the Djinn Chp 1.2

                                          *     *     * Smoke struggled against the weight upon him as he had the weight of the heavy sea.  But this was not the sea, it held him against hard rock unlike the wash of the sea that he had been unable to press against, then too, he was warm.  He ached all over […]

Annals of the Tuatha de Dana

This is the way it was with the Tuatha de. Each wife with her husband had a first born, but second, Dana gave a child. The women bore this womb duty so that children of the gods were born. Second and Fifth were borne as womb duty for the Tuatha de Dana. But Dana favored the bright celtic stocks for her kings and queens. Dana herself bare Brigid (3) not the betrayer who fled, this was the true born daughter of Dana herself.

Annals of the Tuath de Dana

The great ship of the Gael sailed swift through the tightening grip of star light. The Tuatha de Dana all slept. Then ship master Bailey alone was awakened, he sensed the fearful threat. The great tuath ship rushed above the clouds, toward the shores of the new country, Tir na Nua.


There are many peoples, lands, and sites to see, but in the middle of it all is a blue pool on an ice topped purple mountain above a green isle in the misty inner sea. It is the quiet center of the whole world, a place of peace and solitude.