I’ve Been Away

I’ve been away, though I’m not sure anyone has noticed.  (poor me : (. . . )  My writing time is pretty limited and I’ve spent it on Writing.com instead of here on my own blog.  We shall see if it was profitable. Here is a link to my WDC Portfolio which contains some stuff from this […]

Why Is Steve Writing Fiction?

  Because he has this outlet to do it What drives me to write?  Read about the Author, L. Stephen O’Neill, HERE.  Get an idea of where I’m going with some of this stuff on my Stories Page.  I’m writing a novel called The Abbott and the Djinn, you can read the first draft as I […]

A Funny Thing Happened

I’ve been doing this “BLOG” for over a year now.  Last Friday, as I saved after making a couple of changes to a recent post, my entire corpus disappeared.  That’s right, all 90 plus posts ceased to be.  I have to say that I wasn’t overly concerned at first.  I thought that Word Press might just […]

Finding It Hard to Find the Time

I’m finding it hard to find the time to write.  I believe I mentioned before that my hours have changed from the optimal late night schedule with easy access to the Internet to this less helpful one.  Worse, while once I was left alone at the end of the night recently I’ve had company.  I […]


Dear Reader, Nothing stays the same.  That is true of my work situation as much as it is true of life in general.  I’m really talking about specifics though.  I am not going to have the leisure of long break periods with access to the Internet with which to further my writing on these pages. […]

Something NEW Every Day

I am an Irishman, of that there is no doubt. In fact, my sister having done a little comparative genealogical work (thanks Debbie), I know that I am descended from kings. Notably I am descended from one king in particular who seems, mitochondrially anyhow, to have a lot of descendants. Common to both my father and my mother is one notable person from out of the Celtic past. The O’Neills and the McNeils both spring from the same ancestor, Niall Noigillach. Niall, I’ve been told, means champion, and Noigillach means “of the nine hostages”.

Stories in the works

This is my story page, but I thought I’d post it too. Fiction can be truer than real life. The lives of mere characters, literary constructs, can clarify and instruct a reader, helping them to gain perspective, inspiration, and fortitude for their real life situations. Their own problems and opportunities are much more complex to […]