Two More Things

A few visitors may have been disappointed that my site had disappeared. Sorry about that. I needed to renew my domain, and now that I have, I’m back. Also, I’m back in another way. I want to write. In my previous post I mentioned my plan to focus on one story. And now, I’m going […]

Frustration, Failure… …Future

I’m not a young man.  Time passes ever faster and faster and there is no halting it, nor hope of slowing it down.  If you follow, or followed, you may have noticed that it has been too long since I last posted.  I’ve had a schedule change that has further restricted my “writing” time, and […]

Fun and Games

I ought to be writing, but instead I’ve been playing around.  I love games, I can’t help it, I would sit around all weekend and play RISK if I could find any takers.  I try to get my kids to play UNO, anything, but no. . .  I ought to be writing, but instead I’ve […]

Campfire Character Second

Oh how lovely to once again feel the rush of the wind against my face.  There are the night sounds too, of course, but this of the rising air is intoxicating to me.  I had forgotten how much I loved to fly. But I know that I do not fly, I but stand at the […]

The Chariot Drive to the White Dash

This then is the order of battle when CuRuada went West on his first ranging with his companions of the Boys Troop.  CuRuada and Felmid were together in the King’s own chariot, but with them went several of those boys who took up arms that day. These then went out at Concubar’s command to range […]

Succat Faces the Lianhan Shee

Succat trudged doggedly northward along the ever diminishing trail that led to the Ribbon-wood and the Lianhan Shee.  His spirits were low, dampened by the rain, and fear that he was not up to his task. The trail was rain slick beneath his feet, his white woolen robe was soaked, especially the hood in his eyes, and his thick woolen […]

What Has Been Lost

The debt we are loading on future generations IS immoral, not only in the most absolute sense of what God thinks (see number eight) of stealing someone else’s money, but also in the social contract sense of having a document and a set of values laid out in a Constitution that we are violating at the expense of children without franchise. They have no vote, but they will pay this debt or they will be buried by it.