Deer Riders Continued

This continues a story titled:  The Deer Riders “The first time I watched outside myself I put down to a dream, but it was not the last time. Always I saw true, so I think now these are no dreams, but true seeing though it be without eyes.” The boys looked solumnly attentive, this was […]

Stuck With It

Last night I listened to a program on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. A word about me, I’m often up until well after 2. Coast can be a very entertaining way to spend the late night hours. I recommend it. So I was listening to Coast and the topic of immunizations was the […]

Stories in the works

This is my story page, but I thought I’d post it too. Fiction can be truer than real life. The lives of mere characters, literary constructs, can clarify and instruct a reader, helping them to gain perspective, inspiration, and fortitude for their real life situations. Their own problems and opportunities are much more complex to […]