Looking Forward, Looking Back, Something New in the New Year

I also think the formalizing and organizing effects of writing down an idea would help to intentionalize* it. I’m always thinking of good ideas and promptly forgetting to do them, only to remember later and wish I had. I need to think, Do write it, DO achieve the written goal or devise intermediate goals to record and then achieve in pursuit of the original intentionalized idea.

The Niall Noigiallach That Was

So Niall Noigiallach sits at this cusp of Irish history. He is a notable culmination of Irish political power despite being the son of a foreign princess. He raids outside the insular boundaries of the five fifths of Ireland taking hostages and holding sovereignty in Scotland, Britain, Mann, and perhaps Brittany on the European mainland.

What Has Been Lost

The debt we are loading on future generations IS immoral, not only in the most absolute sense of what God thinks (see number eight) of stealing someone else’s money, but also in the social contract sense of having a document and a set of values laid out in a Constitution that we are violating at the expense of children without franchise. They have no vote, but they will pay this debt or they will be buried by it.

Big Picture Background

I have needed to establish a timeline of the events in the socio-political development of Tir Na Nua.  I continue to do research to aid me in creating a world that is both interesting and informative.  By interesting I probably mean entertaining and enjoyable.  By informative I mean that it should seem realistic, internally consistent, in the world […]