I Love a Good Lost City

It is part of my nature or nurture that I am a sucker for a lost city story. I believe that man has achieved heights that current thought would say is impossible. Anyway, it seems there are all sorts of ancient, gold laden, cave cities doting the Southwest and in particular Death Valley.


I have been bothered by our economy for some time. Granted, I’m not an economist, a policy maker, or even particularily well educated, still, it seems to me that wealth creation must involve the finding and securing of resources, the refining of resources, and the creation of some useful item or at least desired item. […]

Something NEW Every Day

I am an Irishman, of that there is no doubt. In fact, my sister having done a little comparative genealogical work (thanks Debbie), I know that I am descended from kings. Notably I am descended from one king in particular who seems, mitochondrially anyhow, to have a lot of descendants. Common to both my father and my mother is one notable person from out of the Celtic past. The O’Neills and the McNeils both spring from the same ancestor, Niall Noigillach. Niall, I’ve been told, means champion, and Noigillach means “of the nine hostages”.


“Ah, the good old days.” I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw and perhaps thought the speaker a bit behind the times. Progress right? The dominant view promulgated in every possible way is that things are progressing, evolving, and we know more and better now than we ever did and will know still more in […]