Looking Forward, Looking Back, Something New in the New Year

I also think the formalizing and organizing effects of writing down an idea would help to intentionalize* it. I’m always thinking of good ideas and promptly forgetting to do them, only to remember later and wish I had. I need to think, Do write it, DO achieve the written goal or devise intermediate goals to record and then achieve in pursuit of the original intentionalized idea.

What Has Been Lost

The debt we are loading on future generations IS immoral, not only in the most absolute sense of what God thinks (see number eight) of stealing someone else’s money, but also in the social contract sense of having a document and a set of values laid out in a Constitution that we are violating at the expense of children without franchise. They have no vote, but they will pay this debt or they will be buried by it.

Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sam

Bernie Madoff, a former NASDAQ Chairman, has admitted to running the Ponzi scheme that some believe to be the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history.  Uncle Bernie, who people entrusted all their retirement money to, provided massive profits to a few, but as always happens with a Ponzi scheme, past pay-outs are simply bait to draw in […]

Why I’m Starting to Think Global Warming Is Just Hot Air

The Portland City Council and Multnomah County have launched their locality into a brave, if foolish, new world. Gathering stake-holders (not sure where you get the stakes) they hammered out a bold new plan to reduce green-house gas emissions by a startling 80% from their 1990s levels, in effect bringing our energy use back to the 1870s. Idiotic or visionary ahead of their time?


I have been bothered by our economy for some time. Granted, I’m not an economist, a policy maker, or even particularily well educated, still, it seems to me that wealth creation must involve the finding and securing of resources, the refining of resources, and the creation of some useful item or at least desired item. […]

Stuck With It

Last night I listened to a program on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. A word about me, I’m often up until well after 2. Coast can be a very entertaining way to spend the late night hours. I recommend it. So I was listening to Coast and the topic of immunizations was the […]