Child of Moss 23 (27)

Lugh gaped, she’s alive!

“Lugh!  What are you doing?  You scared me to death!” moaned Oatey holding her head, but very much alive.

“You’re alive!” 

Oatie growled, “You’re talking too loud.” Oatie carefully prodded the growing bruise that threatened to engulf her left eye.  “Ohhhh, my head hurts.”  Oatie closed her eyes for a moment before she continued, “Yes, alive, no thanks to you.” Oatie turned her bruised face so she could fix him with a withering stare from her un-wounded eye.  “Where were you Lugh?”

“Coming along behind.  Its not like I didn’t do anything. . .”

“If you’d been with me, nothing would have happened.”  A worried look crossed her face, then misery, she rolled to the side just in time to retch and spill her breakfast onto the bloody edge of the road. “Oh Maker, there’s blood everywhere.”  She managed before heaving again and again.

When Oatie had finished, Lugh ventured, “Sorry, I was making what pace I could.  Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Wait?  I was running for my life!  I didn’t know where you were.”  Oatie sat up and put her head in her hands, “Go away Lugh.”