Child of Moss, .82

Lugh took a moment to orient himself.  The gate he’d entered was on the far side of the roof peak, the greathall and its hill was that way but a little bit on his right hand.  That was the way most of the warriors, at this time, would come if the alarm were raised. Behind him would be the curious and perhaps the most observant, being the servants of the prominant folk, though not those folk themselves.  On the far side of the great-hall would be his chariot and horses, likely put up, but worth a risk as they would afford him his quickest exit.

Lugh moved around the roof, looking for enemies on the ground and landmarks inside the dark fort. For the moment, most of the chaos was contained in Gormflaith’s home, but that wouldn’t last. Lugh shuffled a little farther around so that he could see the greathall against the night sky. That will be a good enough marker to guide me, Lugh thought. He descended as carefully as he could to where the roof beams met the post and beams of the main structure. Lugh listened for a moment, but hearing nothing below him he reached down to where his feet rested on solid wooden beam and then let himself down through the thatch, pushing away at the last to fall clear to the ground.

It was very dark beneath the eaves of the house, and Lugh might have rested there in relative safety, but there was no safety, really, until he was out of the fort and away from Findabair’s brothers, the Maines. He ached terribly where Gormflaith had kneed him, but that was nothing compared to the pain he’d face if the Maines caught him. Lugh looked for his next move. Best to head for the servants quarters and then bend around the hill and see about his chariot, Lugh thought.

Suddenly, Lugh heard running feet, and he fumbled for his sword hilt. Someone shouted, “I don’t see him,” and then mumbled a curse under their breath as they continued on around the dark backside of Gormflaith’s house. Lugh listened a moment to retreating steps and then broke from cover and ran toward the densely packed hovels of the servants.