Child of Moss (Novel Progress and Index)

Child of Moss

(Novel Progress and Table of Contents)

At its root, Child of Moss is a milieu story.  In these early novels, my first goal is to paint the world of Tir na Nua, reveal it with interesting characters moving across its varied landscapes.  I come to this task without expectation or artifice so that the characters decide their fate upon the land and leave their mark.

About the Leading Characters

This story follows Lugh of the Long Journeys as he flees North from yet another personal crisis.  He has lived many lives, learned many skills, but to this point, he hasn’t learned how to settle in one place.  His journeys began when he was forced to flee for his life after eloping with his brother’s betrothed. 

He has a knack for learning skills, remembering detail, and yet he fails to learn personal lessons despite much hard experience.

Lugh is a child of Dana.  He was meant to be a god of the Gaels of Tir Na Nua.  Dana’s designs did not much outlive her normal human life, so Lugh is a free-agent wanderer.  He is very long lived if not immortal, but he bleeds like any other human, even if he heals quicker.

Oatey, on the other hand, is an innocent who’s life has been hard, loosing her mother soon after her birth, she was raised by her father until his death when she is just blossoming into womanhood.  She inherits her father’s low status in Norfolk society, viewed as a dreamer and a wild-eyed teller of tall tales.  She idolizes and emulates his search for truth in ancient ruins, but these “fanciful pursuits” are not held in high asteem by the leaders of the Norfolk.

Oatey discovered that the approaching long Summer is waking the giants.  She has, of necessity, become a giant hunter.  This has given her some status with the young of the Norfolk culture, but strangely, it has made her a threat to the elder’s power in that society, further marginalizing her. 

Child of Moss began with a character, Lugh of the long journeys (imagined  as a recurring character in many novels) sitting on a hill beneath a tree. (This is the original post)

Now, many posts later, I’ve added characters and ideas so that it is clear that some organization is desperately needed.  This disorganization seems a natural outgrowth of my writing style and my current writing restrictions, but I’m not sure that I should bow to them as inevitable.  I am currently reading through Plot and Structure by Bell  with an eye to how I might improve.  I’m not positive that I will always be a pantser, a NOP in Bell’s parliance, but there is little doubt that it is how I have worked to this point.  Perhaps I will try to finish writing this rough draft and access Bell for the first revision, taking the NOP raw material and OPing a better second draft.  Hope springs. . .

I think it important to note that I’ve added to both ends and may well add things in the middle so this is the place to find things in the order I currently intend and later perhaps in a different form:

Child of Moss

  1. After Findabair, racing to Gormflaith and at the gate?  Preginning .5
  2. Walk to the feasting hall and in her apartments.  Preginning .6
  3. Audience with the queen, Gormflaith. Preginning .7
  4. Escaping the locked strongroom. Preginning .8 
  5. Escaping the roof. Preginning .82
  6. Escaping to the Stables. Preginning .83
  7. With the Horses. Preginning .84
  8. Smoke and Stars, Preginning .85
  9. Making Sense of the Senseless, Preginning .86
  10. Escape (pending)
  11. Why did Lugh need to go North?  The first pre-post
  12. Von’s gift helps get Lugh under that tree.  The second pre-post
  13. Lugh under the tree.  The original first post of Child of Moss
  14. Introducing Oatey Moss.  Introducing Oatey Moss
  15. Who is Lugh and what Oatey does.  Lugh Follows Oatey
  16. Lugh, Oatey, and a dead goat.  The old 4th post
  17. Oatey Moss, giant fighter.  Oatey kills a giant
  18. The celebration after the fight.  Lugh in the corner 
  19. Lugh meets the man.  Another character crops up
  20. Martel Jones of the Norfolk.  The brewhaha continues
  21. Lugh lost in the sidhe.  A little more about miss Moss
  22. Thinking about Oatey.  Child of Moss (old part 10) part 12
  23. Breakfast in bed. More character development
  24. Through the Sidhe.  Child of Moss part 12 (14)
  25. Oatey’s pain.  What Lugh sees on Oatey’s face.
  26. Lugh in tow.  Learn a little about the Norfolk.
  27. Lugh and Oatey on top of the world.  Oatey’s Isolation.
  28. Into camp and a meal.  First day camping outdoors.
  29. Talk around the fire.  Oatey’s concerns.
  30. Lugh storms off.  What he thinks, uncomfortable in his own skin.
  31. The next day.  Chasing Oatey into trouble.
  32. The heat of battle.  Lugh trys to save Oatey.
  33. Battle’s End.  Finishing the Fight.
  34. Alive? OUCH!
  35. A Big Jump Ahead:  Child of Moss (Book II p1)
  36. Into the Dark: Child of Moss (Book II p2)
  37. The Vault of the Ungiant: Child of Moss (Book II p3)

There is more Child of Moss to come.  I’ve plotted at least two more giant hunts and a visit to a truly ancient place that is the closest thing Oatey has to a real home.  But writing this story is dynamic, that is to say what I intend sometimes changes.  I had planned a scene where Lugh catches up to Oatey and talks about breakfast, (yawn) so instead I put them into a battle with gobli.  Sweet.  Let’s see what happens next!

I hope you enjoy Child of Moss.