Child of Moss part 3

Lugh ran after, hampered by the shaking ground.  He glanced back over his shoulder to see what was happening and nearly fell.  He saw ground cascading off of what looked like stone pushing up from the earth. 

The girl, Oatey, had reached her goat.  He hadn’t seen she was armed, but she took from the waist of her loincloth a knife.  She tossed away her bundle of items and approached the goat.  The goat was already struggling at the tether and Lugh expected that she would cut the goat free. 

Oatey used her body and one hand to shorten the lead, moving up the line until she could grasp the goat.  It was struggling madly from the shaking ground.  The girl expertly grasped it by one horn with her free hand, wrenching it around she plunged her knife into the goats neck and then twisted it as she jerked it out.

Lugh gasped, the sudden violence was not what he expected

Oatey released the bleeding goat that bucked and plunged to escape this new danger.  The girl slid back along the lead line and after wrapping it several turns around her arm stretched it tight from the peg and cut it loose.  She stuffed the knife into a sheath and gathered her things, all the while holding on to the plunging goat.

The girl glanced at Lugh, a fierce smile on her face, and then she let the goat have its head, letting it pull her along toward the treeline.

“What is that?” Lugh asked, looking back at what appeared to be stone ripping free of the sod.  He turned back only to see that the girl and the bleeding goat were nowhere to be seen.  Lugh shouldered his pack and settled his weapons for pursuit, then began to run toward where he had seen the girl and goat heading before he’d stopped to marvel at the geologic wonder that still shook the earth.

It was no difficulty to follow the blood trail that the goat was leaving.  Lugh decided that perhaps that was her intent, but he couldn’t help feeling disconcerted.  Oatey Moss, whatever else she might be, was unpredictable and likely dangerous.  “Why am I following her?” He thought to himself, but he already knew the answer to that.