Expanding My View

I’m busily trying to write some Celtic Fiction worth reading. But part of writing is exploring new areas of interest and I have to say that I have become intrigued with a sub-genre of Science Fiction called Steampunk.

A definition of Steampunk that resonates with me because of its brevity is to call it “Retro Futurism.” Steampunk often involves a story about technology set in the Victorian Era, often in the British Empire or in the American West.

I like that period, having really fallen in love with the works of Edgar Rice Burroghs. Growing up I could not put down the latest ERB I’d gotten my hands on. Many nights I read, under blankets with a flashlight, about Tarzan, Lord Greystoke or John Carter on Mars. I have to say, though I didn’t find it quite as compelling, I enjoyed Jules Verne as well.

The Punk part of Steampunk is more an accident of nomenclature than a necessary part of the genre. Many stories that would be termed Steampunk do have dystopian elements, but much of it is hopeful and excited about what technology can do, even steampowered and geared technology.

I’m not giving up on the Celtic themes, I will likely put a bit of that in anything I do that is Steampunk, but I do plan to explore the genre a bit. Look forward to it if you like that sort of thing or, if not, give what I try to do with it a chance and see if you like my take.