Feeling Restricted

I’ll admit that it has been a very long time since I posted anything. I feel stiffled. It is a great disincentive communication to realize that you exist in the beginnings of a police state. I haven’t written a great deal about my personal political views, but suffice to say that I believe that NSA snooping on American citizens is problematic at best, a fundamental violation of the Constitution of the United States of America and an infringement on citizen’s rights who’s implications extend far beyond the personal.

I’m not sure if I’m a good writer, certainly not a polished one, so I wonder what the point of writing about things that could get me in trouble and if there is a reason to write anything else? The NSA captures, saves, and sifts every communication (of course they’ve claimed that it is very restricted and focused on critical homeland security topics and people, but then earlier they claimed that they weren’t snooping on us at all. The government lies, it always, always, lies… …I mean of course my government.)

My daughter is impatient with me. She believes I should stop talking about politics etc. and write my angst in a zombie novel (apparently her preferred means of receiving information) well, I have a world in which I could comment on the wreck of our civil society. I prefer this miliue, of Celtic heroes in a medieval world.

I do not expect your advice nor do I really worry that I will run affoul of the overlords. Still, seeing the country going to rot both in the recent American History I learned and now in the wretched end I am enduring must be answered even if obliquely with celtic puppets.

Sorry my dear daughter, no zombies for me, at least not yet.