From Where Do Our Stories Come?

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile. I was spending much time poking around the theories about the origins of the Celts. Theories are stories about what has happened in the past. Some are very entertaining; some are fairly believable.
That I am researching theories of Celtic origin might seem somewhat ironic after my previous post about many academics being uncomfortable with the idea of Celts at all. But certainly there were a people who lived a certain way that was similar to the way of life of folk on the mainland who remained even after Romanization in northern Britain and Ireland. Some of the academics who allow for Celts call these people the Insular Celts.
What is very interesting about these people is that unlike their possible predicessors or anticedents (or whatever) some of the legend and lore of the insular celts was preserved by Christian monks.
Now the neo-pagan greatly resents the fact that we would know almost nothing at all about the Celts save only their material leavings if it were not for these sons of Hibernia who happened to be able to write and did. Would it be better if we just had Julius Caesar’s words to define a people? I think not, though I am not a neo-pagan, or a member of an anti-Celtic academic elite, nor even a transgendered Wicken accolyte and am not likely to be one at anytime in the future.
Anyway, I’m a long way into this and still not much about stories. The monks wrote down oral traditions that on the main land had died with the druids who carefully preserved them in their well trained brains where it did not survive the erasure of those druids. (or the removal from the rest of their bodies of the aforementioned brains still encased in the otherwise disarticulated carania.)

I’m not going to let that happen. I’m telling them. I’m writing stories down. I’m going to put them on the internet. There is a good reason why I’ve come to that decision. My brains are not well trained and they do seem to experience unintentional erasure from time to time.

Therefore, and in that vein, I shall attempt with my postings to record some of the wonderful stories that come my way.

Warmest regards,