Frustration, Failure… …Future

I’m not a young man.  Time passes ever faster and faster and there is no halting it, nor hope of slowing it down.  If you follow, or followed, you may have noticed that it has been too long since I last posted.  I’ve had a schedule change that has further restricted my “writing” time, and discouragement has consumed the rest.

But I do want to write.  I’d like to finish the first draft of a novel this year (or novella, or or or short-story, or anything).  That seems unlikely considering my resent frequency, but despite my discouragement I still believe in magic.  Perhaps the magic I need is a clear and achievable goal.  To that end I am, at least in-so-far as my limited focus on writing is concerned, going to narrow my writing to one project.

Therefore, despite its limitations (or perhaps specifically because of them) I am going to focus all efforts on Child of Moss.  If you had another favorite story perhaps your advocacy could change my mind.  Right now, Child of Moss seems the wisest choice.  I have a clear view of where the story of Lugh and Oatie is going so that I can measure the distance to the end.

So please, if you have an opinion or objection, please pass them along to me.  I will do what I can.  If your story is on hold, give Child of Moss a try, and with some success perhaps, especially with your encouragement, I can return to other projects.

Wish me luck, or better, wish me magic.

L. Stephen O’Neill