Fun and Games

I ought to be writing, but instead I’ve been playing around.  I love games, I can’t help it, I would sit around all weekend and play RISK if I could find any takers.  I try to get my kids to play UNO, anything, but no. . . 

I ought to be writing, but instead I’ve been playing.  One thing I’ve been doing with my very limited computer time is creating my own Celtic Utopia in the war torn world of Terra Bellica.  It operates in your browser and you can sign up with a little questionaire. 

If you decide to give it a go, do look me up.  I am called Red_Hand and I’ve joined the Knights Templar.  (You can find my own little Tir Na Nua on Continent 28.)  I’d love to see you.  Use this LINK and I get in game gold to lavish on my friends and allies.  But seriously, give it a try and tell me what you think.

Anyway, Terra Bellica is sort’a like Risk online with limits on growth and a little bit of help starting out so you aren’t so far behind if you come later than others.  It’s something that sort’a scratches my RISK itch.

Another geeky diversion I’ve fallen prey to is Magic The Gathering.  I know, I know, you feel a little something in the back of your throat, but a housebound friend and people who I actually interact with at work are all playing this card game and I had cards from who knows when which I THINK I was using as sort’a a writer’s crutch to randomize geography.

Magic the Gathering is a fascinating and somewhat more involved game than it would appear at first blush.  (Can you believe they won a Mensa Award in 1994?) You can just throw some creature cards and some buffs with some lands and wing it.  You’ll probably loose horribly and humiliatingly as I have.  Good clean fun. 

But that’s only the most basic level of complexity.  Why there are critical decisions to be made regarding mana production and card probability.  What is your mana curve look like, and is there are better than even chance of your finishing strategy coming off or are you likely to get blocked at a critical juncture?  How do you deal with mana burn?  What if it’s an infect deck?  How do you deal with Flying? With Vampires? With Slivers? What about. . .

 . . .  Well, I’ve sort’a fallen into wanting to play a lot more than actually play, but my kids won’t even play UNO with me.  Magic has the advantage (disadvantage) of being a trading card/strategy game that takes some thought and research and pondering and deck building to do before you ever get to play anyway sooooo. . .

. . . I’ll get back to writing.


OH!  8-3 in my Fantasy league. YEAH! If I can make it past next week I think I’m probably a lock for the play-offs. . . sorry, writing.