I Love a Good Lost City

It is part of my nature or nurture that I am a sucker for a lost city story.  I believe that man has achieved heights that current thought would say is impossible.  Richard C. Hoagland can say there are cities on the Moon and Mars and I’m with him.

He thinks they might be the work of extra-terrestrials from distant star-systems or perhaps our fore-fathers who came to Earth after their stays elsewhere. Me? I think we started here and that if their are human habitations out there they were made by us. That is the us that made cities on Mars before we tumbled into the dark.

All that because I want to reveal the degree of my credulity.  Tonight on Coast was an interesting interview with an author and researcher, David Hatcher Childress  who looks into just that sort of thing and prepared as you are with my earlier admissions you can rest assured that I buy it all.

I wish I could buy a few of his books too. I DO love this stuff. Anyway, it seems there are all sorts of ancient, gold laden, cave cities doting the Southwest and in particular Death Valley. Apparently before it was a valley it used to be a big lake with sub-terranian condos all along the edge, stuffed with gold and 7 to 8 foot mummies. No word on whether these mummies are the 6 fingered variety or not.

Supposedly many people have found these things and one fellow even started to build a big castle there in Death Valley. His name was Death Valley Scotti.  Here is a picture of his castle. pic.

Sorry, mostly just posting the links for future reference.