It’s Not The End Of The World

No, the world won’t end if the unique form of government designed by the founders of the United States is destroyed, but it will be a much worse place, lacking hope.  Many, even most, may think I exaggerate for effect.  However, I don’t think it is an exaggeration, first, to say that our constitutional republic, founded on the rights of the individual and strict limits on government, has made the United States unique in its individual freedom and generous in its dealings with the world, and second, that our uniqueness hangs by a thread.

I was listening to a radio show that presented a survey of college students in prestigious universities as freshman and as seniors and discovered that the seniors knew less about our system of government than the freshman.  In fact it isn’t general knowledge that we do not live under the rule of a Democracy but rather we are citizens of a constitutional republic, or did.  In the words of Ben Franklin when asked about what sort of government they’d crafted, Ben said, “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it.”

Far worse than oversight, our educational system is in the process of eradicating the knowledge of our origins and indoctrinating our children, at every level, into a socialist, materialist, Marxist system that has nothing unique to offer, certainly nothing good for humanity.

Power has been and continues to be concentrated in the hands of a few, along with wealth.  Socialist warriors, who rail against the rich, are the foot soldiers of a bureaucratic class that agitates for ever bigger government as it favors ever larger companies replacing cronyism for capitalism.  Recently the pretext Capitalism has been shed as the current regime simply nationalizes one industry after another and shows no signs of stopping.

Kiss your child.  You may be looking at the last generation born free.  The debt accrued by our over-reaching and wildly unconstitutional government is mind bending.  For all you who babble about sustainability have a look at our country’s finances. 

We are insolvent, our borders are porous, we are bailing out the EU while they have been trying to destroy us financially.  Are we mad? 

I think of the many things we are, the most pressing is that we are and have been misinformed.  I do not believe that the current regime is legitimate, who would have voted for blue dog dems who vote in lock step with a Marxist/Leninist like Nancy Pelosi?  They are not in anyway what they represented themselves as being to get elected in conservative districts and their vote for a radical leftist for Speaker of the House is clear proof of that, their later betrayal of their oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic only confirms what that vote reveals.

Our president, who presented himself  as being some kind of Constitutional scholar, has not stopped (teleprompted speeches to the contrary or not) his attacks on the Constitution from his first 100 days.  It may be that he is not even qualified to be president according to that document which may explain why he holds it in such contempt. 

It may be that he holds you in contempt as well, he presented himself as a moderate uniter and left you to imagine what that might be.  He let you Hope and imagine in your own mind the Change you wanted to see.  Instead he has not stopped removing your freedom and selling you into national debt with deficit spending that is unsustainable on the order of months not years.  Let’s face it, he does hold you in contempt.

Well there, if the United States of America ceases to be, if we implode into a wasteland of warring barbarians picking through the bones of a once great society or live (if you can call it that), exist rather, as slaves of Imperial China it won’t be the end of the world.

Our government has run off our constitutional rails long back, and there is only a very short time until it can not again be put right.  Become informed, organize, and by all means vote.  You owe it to your children to get this vote right.

In the words of Franklin, “We have a Republic IF we can keep it.”