Jump Page

If you spend any significant time looking at these pages you might need to seek professional help. Alternately you could be wondering, “what happened to this guy? Have a look at some of these resources, it might help you understand what happened to me.

As I’m communicating to you I will likely find things that I find useful and interesting that I can pass on to you here.

My main motivation in having this site is to finally put out, in a format that others can read, my ideas in fiction. It is hard to find a good read, especially when you work two jobs, so here are authors that I have enjoyed.

JRR Tolkien

Morgan Llywelyn

George RR Martin

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Karl Edward Wagner

Orson Scott Card

There are many more, but I’m dashing these off the top of my head. I might have opportunity to describe why I like them or what I like about them at a later time.

L. Neil Smith: For example, I like this guy because he likes gun rights and is a Libertarian. I think I prefer libertarianism in fiction, but all in all he has a lot of fun. Mr. Smith’s site. COOL, it seems the first book I ever read of his is now a free online graphic novel: The Probability Broach.


This space for more authors and other things I run across of interest.


Happy Jumping!