Sons of Loki Called by Some, The Dwarves
 Masters of Mountains, Masters of Mines

Folk that don’t know our homes, our treasure houses, and our work places think we live in dank caves.   Many think us a species apart.   Certainly we tend to be thick of waist and broad of shoulder, and too, while Gaellic and Umircen tend to be light complected and haired we, who descend from Loki the son of Dana and his miners, are short, dark haired, and perhaps even darker of skin.

It may be that our homes have shaped us, but not so much in the living as the making.  We are deep delvers, miners of the mountain’s wealth, we are masters of metal and stone.  Perhaps more than any other folk we recall the knowledge of the star farers.

We grow fruit and vegetables in crystal galleries high in the mountains.  We forge mechanical wonders, both tools and weapons and all manner of conveniences and mine apparatus.  We bring light to the deep darkness. We are fire masters.  We are water masters. We are stone masters.

These things we have mastered, but we strive for still more, to recapture what was our heritage of the stars. Our knowledge is great but our numbers are small.  Perhaps because we are not very social, preferring solitude, perhaps because our people are jealous of knowledge hard won, perhaps because most care more for the knowledge we have mastered, for stone and metal and mechanical things, so that they have given up on ever regaining the high knowledge.

Loki is a Norse god.  I have intended to find an equivalent Celtic deity, but I haven’t yet found the right combination of god of the forge and trickster.  Perhaps it is okay to pull the Norse into it all as I believe that there has been cultural cross-pollenation, certainly in Scotland and Ireland, but also back in their origins, their asthetics, their manner of life, and perhaps in their geneology.