As Ordered

As Ordered “It is not for you, sir, to say what his grace may do.” said the little courtier voiced soft enough that words died out before the tapestried walls. He was small, slim as well as short, dark eyed and swarthy, “Silence, obedience, humility, loyalty, respect, these befit you better.” “By what right will […]

September Flash — Pyroclastic Flow

Swooped Down in the Dead of Night Adrasteia woke terrified in the dead of night, she could not say why. The air was too still, but exhaustion should have kept her in dreamless sleep until she was roused to board their ship. Yesterday they’d packed their treasures, portaged, and placed them all on the boat […]

Think of the trouble

I’m trying to help another author instead of doing my own writing. This may or may not be a diversion to keep me from having to do my own projects. I was deeply in love with my little tale, Tain: of Cattle and Love, a fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliette for a little contest. […]

Having Family for Dinner

Here is a poem I wrote for a contest on  It was a rather grand team competition named for “The Game of Thrones.”  I’m mad about GoT.  But I’m a couple of years behind the HBO series currently.  Anyhow.  In the spirit of House Targaryen and their words, Fire and Blood, I wrote this […]

I’ve been away

My dear friends and readers, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’m trying to get my stuff together and am having trouble finding good blocks of time to do what I need to do. On the plus side, I really DO have to do this stuff so that I suspect a good amount of […]

Into the Dark, BII p3

The stairway was narrow and Lugh was concerned that he might strike his head on the low ceiling it at any moment.  The flame from the torch kissed the stone above causing black tendrils to linger against the ceiling.  There was no worry that he would lose his way however for the passage was as narrowly confining […]

Heroic Connections

I’ve had the Game of Thrones on my mind. It isn’t too hard to understand as I’ve been listening to the Game of Thrones on CD after reading a new to me “Dunk and Egg” adventure at the end of an anthology written by George R.R. Martin. And so I’ve also been looking at clips […]