Something Every Day

I need to write something every day. How else will I ever get any of this done? But how to begin?

I was speaking to my brother today. As always a good safe topic for us is politics. I think that might not be the case in general conversation, but my brother and I are largely sympatico.

As always the topic eventually turns to education and from there my brother always gets to business. He loves to expound and pound the point that the philosophy of business educators is not friendly to business, if I may paraphrase.

I like to point out that there is consolidation at many levels and in many areas and that isn’t healthy. He pounds the point that it is not free-market, I point out that government and big business are causing the subversion of what would naturally come from free market and that they are like two faces of the same coin… I didn’t say that to him tonight but I like it right now as I write….   …but I gotta tell you. We’ve had this discussion before.

It is not hard to point out problems. Everyone does it. What’s hard, of course, is coming up with solutions. I think, and I believe statistics will back me up on this, that harder than coming up with a solution is coming up with the best solution, or even a workable one.

I believe that the current health-care crisis is a case in point. The administration is invested in creating a single payer plan,  socialized medicine. It is pointed out that all the other developed nations have them so we are way behind in this area. If the rising cost of health-care insurance was not a problem before it has certainly attained crisis level now that someone who knows nothing about it has set about to fix it.

Let’s be clear, Democrat or Republican, you’ve got to admit that being an untenured professor of law doesn’t really qualify one to run 1/7th of the US economy, but then being an idiot like half of congress doesn’t really qualify you either. Unfortunately, it seems that the idiots have decided that not only can they, but that they must. Here in lies the crisis.

Despite our horrible diets, though we import third world sickies without even checking them for any number of plagues they carry and place them in jobs where they handle our food, though we work harder than other developed nations and fear to take even the briefest of vactions, though our blood pressures are only rivalled by our tri-glycerides still, witha very few exceptions, we live longer. Why? I’m guessing it has to do with our horrible health-care system.

Make no mistake (channeling BO here) there is a crisis. But our health is threatened far more by this effort to make us over in the style of Europeans than it is by all the cheese-burgers and high fructose corn syrup laden confections we choose to stuff in our chubby faces.


That is what is at stake in this crisis. I think many of us see that this push to Eurostyle socialized medicine is not for our good, it is for control. We need to choose to eat better, we need to choose to exercise, we need to take at least one day off in 7, I think its in the Bible. But we need to do that without handing our right to life over to an unaccountable bureaucracy. Don’t you care about freedom?

So, today I need to write something. Here it is. But I need to call my representatives even more, because they’ve got it in their pea brains that they need to do something. Trouble is what they might do, what they plan to do, is such a threat to freedom and liberty that it has caused a legitimate crisis.

We need to do something about it today. We need to do something about it every day.