All My Polished Stones

The Plan

I’ve written but perhaps not well, hopefully not as well as I can, and certainly the stories I’ve told are not as polished as I wish.  Here I begin to try to make more of them than they were at first blush. 

The Process

I will progressively work through the items I’ve already posted.  The order is yet to be determined.  If you think a story good but not as good as it could be and you’d like it to get some attention, then let me know.  That story will likely move to the top of my attention.  If a certain tale is so rough you feel it should be given work or be removed, perhaps that would get quicker attention.  I do not mean to offend.  I doubt that one go round will polish my coal into diamonds, so as these stories with some polish begin to pile up perhaps you might recommend a particular facet that needs attention.  You might point out if I’m polishing dross and need to move on to something with more potential as well.  I appreciate your comments.

As you see, this is something of an opportunity to participate in this writer’s process.  Feel free to tinker.

The Polished Stones:

When there are some you will find them here