Current Primary Story Lines


I’ve noticed that little stories I intend to wrap up in a post or two often blow up into epics that never seem to end.  This is a character flaw, I know, and it is one that I don’t know how to begin to remedy. 

For now I think I’m going to have to accept my propensity to elaboration in the present and try to offer remediation, or organization outside of my normal tendency.

To that end, I offer these links to guide you through my most current efforts.

Child of Moss began with a character, Lugh of the long journeys (imagined  as a recurring character in many novels) sitting on a hill beneath a tree. (This is the original post)  Now many posts later I’ve added characters and ideas so that it is clear that some organization is desperately needed.  Even more importantly I’ve added to both ends and may well add things in the middle so this is the place to find things in the order I currently intend and later perhaps in a different form:

I’ve created a seperate page for this novel that has become my primary focus:

Child of Moss

There is more Child of Moss to come.  I’ve plotted at least two more giant hunts and a visit to a truly ancient place that is the closest thing Oatey has to a real home.  But writing this story is dynamic, that is to say what I intend sometimes changes.  I had planned a scene where Lugh catches up to Oatey and talks about breakfast, (yawn) so instead I put them into a battle with gobli.  Sweet.  Let’s see what happens next.


The Deer Riders

The Deer Riders was the first of my stories to really go off the rails.  I had an idea about a people group on Tir na Nua, people I called the Norfolk or Bramblewood Elves, but my point of view character ended up stealing the show.  Okay, confession, I don’t even know what his name is.

  1. Why do I need to start a story by introducing four characters who really have nothing to do with the actual Deer Riders? Concerning the Deer Riders
  2. Dream-Walker and how he found a way past the brambles. Deer Riders Continued
  3. Dream-Walker in the sidhe.  Deer Riders Conclusion (when I began the post I thought it might be. Boy, was I wrong.)
  4. How Dream-Walker’s gift and a Deer Rider shows a way out.  Deer Riders Ending part 1
  5. And he can travel through time.  Deer Riders Ending part 2
  6. Dream-walker learns that there are worse things than being stuck in the sidhe.  Deer Riders Ending part 3
  7. As this little stories ending lurches on into the absurd, I, LSO, end it. Deer Riders Ending part 4

Having created an interesting character, the Dream-Walker (I still don’t have a name for him yet) I made another little story that started to get out of control again so I cut it off.  I may follow some of the rabbit trails I imagined at a later date.

  1. Dream-Walker takes his youngest grand-son fishing and a story breaks out. Dream-Walker and the Giant
  2. The conversation turns to Giants. Dream-Walker Tells Bres The Story of the Dagda
I am enjoying Dream-Walker, Jela, and even little Bres.  I imagine I’ll come up with another of these tales soon or bring the fishing story to a better conclusion. 

The Red Son of Concubar

The Red Son of Concubar begins a tale that is a melding of themes from many different Irish legends.  Again, as with the stories above, this story seems to have a mind of its own.  I launched it with nothing more than the intent to write something Celtic and a name, CuRuada.  The name I’d invented for a WOW character.  I believe that it translates to something like Red Haired Hound.  On the face of it, the name was evocative of the CuChulain legend, but I planned for it to be short, well, I can’t control myself.  The tale continues, but here are the installments to this point.  
  1. The Red Son of Concubar 
  2. the Coming of CuRuada the Red Son of Concubar
  3. The Red Son of Concubar Meets His Father
  4. Cathbad discusses the Red Son of Concubar
  5. The Naming of the Red Son of Concubar
  6. Fergus and Concubar Discuss the King’s Red Son
  7. Cathbad’s Caution
  8. CuRuada meets Emer (oops, I forgot they hadn’t met before)
  9. The Games of Macha
  10. Cathbad’s Oracle at the Games of Macha (this introduces the practice and sets up the Consumption Vision Quest).
I have plotted out more episodes, stay tuned.

The First Draft Online Novel

Even just these three storylines are a bit much to keep juggling, but I also have the online novel that I’m working on as well.  Check out what’s happening with the Abbott and the Djinn.