Stuck With It

Last night I listened to a program on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. A word about me, I’m often up until well after 2. Coast can be a very entertaining way to spend the late night hours. I recommend it.

So I was listening to Coast and the topic of immunizations was the focus of the night. Several guests spoke about different aspects of what I think is a growing problem. A bit more about me, I have two children diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum of learning disability and I think immunizations have something to do with it.

Two of the guests in particular grabbed my attention and I’d like to talk about what they had to say. One was Dr. Andrew Moulden, and the other was Jane Burgermeister.

Once again I’m ahead of myself. I haven’t yet had the chance to look over the Dr. Moulden’s work, but here is a link to his website,

If I recall the conversation correctly, Dr. Moulden believes that immunizations are causing brain damage and that the exponential growth in the number of these vaccinations has lead to an exponential growth in problems stemming from this brain damage.

It is probably more correct to say that the Doctor believes that our body’s immune response is causing the damage and that the cumulative effects of so many vaccinations  and the body’s over reaction to each in the developmental years is causing mini strokes that he can show in brain scans and even diagnose or rather observe from before and after pictures of people.

The Doctor thinks that much dementia is caused by this too. Again, though people have asserted that additives or preservatives in vaccines have caused problems Dr. Moulden is saying that the vaccination process is causing the human immune system to damage us and in fact that the immunization is simply reducing the effects that a disease might cause our body to do to itself in a small percentage of people. Clear? No? Well again, we both probably need to read this.

Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges against Baxter, an Austrian pharma company notable for two things: 1. Trying to drum up business by afflicting the world with bird flu mixed in with other vaccine and 2. being the company that our country is buying a crap load of vaccine and unapproved adjuvant material, squalene, for still more vaccines. Notably Baxter’s oil and water squalene adjuvants have remained unapproved by the FDA for over 50 years, it is still not approved, but they are going to use it anyway.

Perhaps you should ask your legislators why they want to exempt vaccine providers from liability in the most recent health-care and homeland security measures. Yell at your Rep here

Socialized medicine anybody? Yes, you can trust your government to look out for your best interests, they are on top of it. Further bad news is that plans for health crises future (like the one we are still in with the swine flu declaration they haven’t repealed) allows our diligent civil servants to FORCE US TO BE IMMUNIZED. I don’t know about you, but Austrian roulette has even less appeal to me than the Russian variety. Don’t believe me? read this

Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges both in Austria where she lives and with the F.B.I. here in the United States. Will officials investigate? I don’t know, this seems to smack too much of conspiracy theorizing to me…

…but if you find yourself in a line of citizens, guarded by military (perhaps in blue helmets and speak’n Canadian, eh?), qued up for your most likely effective, but maybe lethal, yet still manditory flu vaccination, remind yourself firmly “this is not happening.”

Feel better?

Now I know this is frightening stuff. If you LIKE frightening stuff and want more then go here. Let me know what you think. I can’t read any of this: Alex’s really scary stuff.

To sum up. It could be that every time you get a vaccination you get dumber and dumber. Dr. Moulden likened it to getting punched in the head. Total up all those immunizations and…. ummm… go get your flu shot. Jane Burgermeister thinks that Baxter tried to kill some of us. Ooopsie, and our government just bought a bunch of vaccine and other stuff from them.

To sum up summing up. If you look at all the pros and cons of vaccination and you decide that for the greater good of humanity you need to do your part and make sure you don’t pass anything along to your neighbors, family, and friends, go ahead and get in line. There may be armed military helpers to direct you where to go. But if you do, you’ll be stuck with it.

Good Luck