The Bright and Wave Hammered Shore

Through the Waves upon the Shore

Coming through the gap, Ak had the worst of it on the shore. He was curious, looking around instead of watching what he was doing and paid for it with a thumping against the sandy bottom when a big roller caught him.
No real harm done, Ak was attentive and much more alert now.  It looked to Ko as if Od had learned the lesson that Ak had suffered and that was all to the good as well.  This new face of the island was startlingly different.  The shoal had found a hiding place sheltering in a small cove of dark stone, a fold in the fire stone bones of the island that cradled the dark little eddy and the kelp copse they inhabited.  Out here the bottom was coated with white coral sand and life.

More than anything else the shore was bright.  The sun light shattered on the rolling waves and was reflected by the glittering sand.  Over them ocean waves broke into foam before spending the last of their energy on sands that rose out of the sea.  Fish and all manner of sea life wandered the white dazzle without appreciable cover.  Ko felt exposed.

“Let’s find some shade,” Ko said, and her boys saw the wisdom, likely as uncomfortable as she.

“Look there,” said Od, and farther out from the island along the spine of the breakwater a dark swelling of black rock spoke to them of safety.  All three kept their eyes peeled for danger, but the quick swim along the beach, beneath the undulating waves soon carried them to the shelter of dark stone.  They followed the broken black rock deeper away from the noise and clamor of the sandy beach.

Deeper and Farther Away from the Shore

Here was a wall instead of a beach rising on the shore and before it waved a green and gold kelp haven.  Much more than their safe place in the sheltered cove, this place teamed with fish.  They pressed on through the kelp and down.  Eventually they broke from the kelp forest into uncertain filtered light.  The sandy bottom was white sanded contrasting with black rock poking up though or strewn with the occasional volcanic bolder flung up by the smoking mountain.  They paused at the edge of the kelp to plot their next move.

To their left the land fell away into deepest blue darkness.  Through the murk they could see a dark rising and to the right a white sandy rise.  The three clung to the kelp shade and pondered.

“I think we could make for that rise over there,” Ko said pointing ahead out into the blue to the dim bulk far out through the water, “We could swim across, or perhaps stay closer to the sandy bottom though that seems a bit exposed.  Well, not compared to going right across, I guess.”

The boys looked to her, but didn’t offer much in the way of council.  They looked nervous.  Ko was about to lead them in a dash across the deep water straight for the dim sea mount when a sense or a flickering shadow made her look up.  Sinuous shapes undulated above them, sharks lazily cruising the sun bright sea just below the surface.  She gasped and pulled the boys back into the kelp shadows. “Smiley,” she hissed pointing up toward the glittering surface in response to their confusion.


This is a fragment of a story that begins with: